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Welcome to Art Collection van der Aa

Painting is the silence of thought
And the music of sight

Eugène Brands’s painting Coeur de L’Universe with its flaming red and yellow heart invites us to listen, think, look and reflect.

Is our earth on fire? Do we care? Do we connect?

Do we hear what this beating heart has to tell us?
Do we extend the boundaries of what is possible?
Do we allow ourselves to be inspired?
What do all these artists have to tell us?

On this website is a small part of our collection. 
We love these works; they have all given us something special to reflect on.  And we also enjoy sharing them with others and passing them on to find a new home.

Come and visit us in Valkenburg, talk to us, connect with us, and our collection. Maybe you will be inspired too.

Jill van der Aa