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Who can resist the lusciousness of Max A Carlier’s oil painting?
Over the border from Limburg we found Jules Vermeire, a Belgian sculptor who according to A.M.Hammacher, “limited himself to a self-contained search for the perfect and purest expression of the female and male face.”
In Germany it was Paul Wunderlich with his “disproportionate body in front of an empty background”.
We couldn’t resist the wonderful fruitwood marquetry panel designed by Pierre Rosenau in Paris which depicts a lake with boats bordered by mountains and trees.

Leonor Fini, Jozef Jan Michnia, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Jörg Remé, Rosenau, Daniel Sciora, Jules Vermeire, Paul Wunderlich


Toulouse Lautrec ~ La Reine de Joie
Miquel Barceló ~ Gouache Mapje ~ 40 x 30 cm ~ 250 €
Jules Seraphien Vermeire ~ II Vrouwenhoofd met open ogen
Michinia Josef Jan ~ Musicienne Rood
Daniel Sciora ~ Portfolio J Brel
Toulouse Lautrec ~ La Reine de Joie
Toulouse Lautrec ~ La Reine de JoieLithograph ~ 86 x 75 cm ~ 850 €

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