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On one of his first trips to Amsterdam auctions Eugène Brands works caught Hugo’s eye. It is impossible to avoid falling for the Mystery of his paintings – his expression of the feeling that everything in the universe flows.
Other works in our collection celebrate nature – think Theo Goedvriend with his Flowers, Jan van Kleef with his Frog a quite comical creature in an almost metaphorical landscape.
See also the more surrealistic and abstract portrayals – Lucebert –  and Joop Moesman with Windkracht Acht (Eight windpower).

Jhr. Ayzo, Eugène Brands, Geurt van Dijk, M.C. Escher, F. De Wit, Dick Elffers, Theo Goedvriend, Pieter Holstein, Jan van Kleef, J.S.Knikker, Herman Krikhaar, Ger Langeweg, Lucebert, Paul de Lussanet, Joop Moesman, Pieter Starreveld, Peter van Straaten, Charlie Toorop, G.C. Verhaaf, Theo Voorzaat, Corstiaan de Vries, Riek Wesseling, Piet van Wijngaerdt


Eugenius Antonius Brands ~ M voor Mystery
Eugenius Antonius Brands ~ Coeur de L’Universe
Corstiaan de Vries ~ Icarus
F. De Wit. ~ Tabula Ducatus Limburch. et Comitatus Valckenburch [...]
Henrik Valk ~ Naakt
Eugenius Antonius Brands ~ M voor Mystery
Eugenius Antonius Brands ~ M voor MysteryZeefdruk 59/70 on wove paper ~ 56 x 48.5 cm ~ 1,975 €

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