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New Zealand

On a trip to New Zealand in 2004 we were struck by Alan Wehipeihana’s Whenua I and II on exhibition at the Pataka Museum. We later visited him in his studio surrounded by cupboard doors, floor planks and bits of metal and he told us the story of his Whenua paintings:

They sat on my wall for a while as paintings, then one brave day, much to the horror of my friends I attacked them with power tools. I thought the result was quite exciting.
Whenua means the land so it seemed an appropriate title for my landscapes. It can also mean ‘after birth’ and in Maoridom, the earth is the mother from which all earthly things are born, the sky is the father. So afterbirth symbolises our connection to the land.

He inspired us to explore the landscape with new eyes, which took us back into the art galleries and museums. On our return we realized that we had a small collection of New Zealand art – enough to arrange an exhibition in our Maastricht gallery.

Most of the New Zealand works show the connection to the land. Look at Judith Royal’s Light Explosion whose lustrous chromatic colours were created by using dyes steamed into a pure silk background. They also reflect the searching, experimenting New Zealand spirit, unafraid to look at things freshly, celebrate existence and improvise.
John Drawbridge was one of New Zealand’s major artists of last century and Kahu Scott represents the generation of today.

John Drawbridge, Sue Lloyd, Jo Ogier, Judith Royal, Kahu Scott, Alan Wehipeihana

Photography: Han van der Aa



{vsig_c}0|302.jpg| Jo Ogier ~ Riflemen on Mistletoe | Houtsnede 4/20 ~ 65 x 51 cm ~ 800 € {/vsig_c}
{vsig_c}0|304.jpg| John Drawbridge ~ Still life with Malevich (Black) | Ets 30/100 imp. ~ 57 x 47 cm ~ 2,100 € {/vsig_c}
{vsig_c}0|305.jpg| John Drawbridge ~ Still life with Malevich (Red) | Ets 22/50 ~ 29 x 45 cm ~ 1,950 € {/vsig_c}
{vsig_c}0|306.jpg| Kahu Scott ~ Return to Sender / Walk the Proud Land | A wax embossed laser print & enamel paint 1/7 ~ 38 x 57 cm ~ 475 € {/vsig_c}
{vsig_c}0|307.jpg| Alan Wehipeihana ~ Whenua I | Carved and painted wood ~ 120 x 60 cm ~ 1,750 € {/vsig_c}
{vsig_c}0|308.jpg| Alan Wehipeihana ~ The Comet | Mixed media carving ~ 43 x 21 cm ~ 350 € {/vsig_c}
{vsig_c}0|309.jpg| Alan Wehipeihana ~ Autumn series | Acrylic on oal, carving ~ 91 x 32.5 cm ~ 1,450 € {/vsig_c}
{vsig_c}0|310.jpg| Alan Wehipeihana ~ The Dreaming | Acrylic on pine ~ 211 x 18 cm ~ 1,450 € {/vsig_c}
{vsig_c}0|311.jpg| Alan Wehipeihana ~ The Fish | Olie op paneel ~ 100 x 38 cm ~ 800 € {/vsig_c}